FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find the answers to your questions about signing up for a guestbook.

Where can I sign-up for a free guestbook?

You can get your free guestbook using the sign-up form which only takes a minute.

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I don't have my own website (yet), can I still sign up for a guestbook?

Yes, even without a website you can still get your own guestbook. You can fill out the signup fields 'title/URL/category website' with information about your guestbook. For example: title website: Peter's guestbook URL website: http://demo.123guestbook.com/ category: Personal

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What do I have to fill in as username?

You can create your own username which consists of letters when signing up for a guestbook, numbers or a dash. You will use this username for logging into the control panel and it will be part of the URL with which you can reach your guestbook (http://username.123guestbook.com/). Your username is case-insensitive.

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May I create multiple guestbooks (with the same email address)?

Yes, you may signup for more than one guestbook using the signup form.

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