Free guestbook

At you can get a free guestbook for your website. The visitors of your site can leave a message on this guestbook. You can also use your guestbook as a forum or newsgroup for example. What has got to offer? We offer you an easy-to-use, completely free of charge powerful guestbook with lots of options!


  • User-friendly interface to adjust the layout (colors/fonts/etc)
  • New! Possibility to choose between five different themes (templates). The layout of each theme can be adjusted entirely
  • New! Possibility to add extra questions to the standard guestbook fields (name, email, message)
  • New! Word filter to replace bad words (adjustable) with your own replacement text
  • Adjustable size of the guestbook
  • Your own picture/logo/photo in the header of the guestbook
  • User-friendly admin page to edit/reply or delete messages
  • New! Block visitors or only allow certain visitors (using I.P. addresses)
  • Possibility to block spam messages by enabling a security code image.
  • Scroller containing the last written message on the guestbook which can be placed on your website.
  • The option to adjust the colors of the scrollbars
  • Turn on/off: smileys, UBB-codes, IP-addresses, email addresses
  • Reply to messages as the webmaster
  • Edit posted messages
  • Review messages before they are added to the free guestbook (optional)
  • Automatically send an email on every new message written in your free guestbook (optional)
  • Automatically send a thank-you email to the writer of a message in your free guestbook (optional)
  • Easy URL (

The guestbooks are hosted on a fast and reliable network (99,99% uptime in 2006) on our own servers.

For further information on our free guestbooks, please take our tour.