Terms of service v2.3

Only the most recent version of this document is valid. To obtain the most recent version of the terms of service of LabZ.nl VOF, please refer to http://www.123guestbook.com/tos.

Article 1 – Definitions

  1. In these terms of service the following definitions are applied as described below, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

    LabZ.nl VOF: This includes the service 123Guestbook.com.
    Client: The party that uses the product(s) or service(s) of LabZ.nl VOF.
    Product: A product or service offered by LabZ.nl VOF that\'s being used by the Client (for example a guestbook).
    Agreement: The agreement between LabZ.nl VOF and the Client.

Article 2 – General

  1. By using a Product of LabZ.nl VOF you automatically agree to the Agreement. You need to be familiar with this agreement while using the Product(s) of LabZ.nl VOF.
  2. When you don’t comply with the Agreement, LabZ.nl VOF will remove your account including all of the Products (as in: guestbook, settings, messages, etc.).
  3. This Agreement applies to all activities part of the free service of LabZ.nl VOF offered to the Client except paid services. Additional terms of service apply for paid services, which can be found at http://www.123guestbook.com/tos.

Article 3 - Usage

  1. We won’t allow Clients involved in the following activities and/or affiliated with 3rd party websites involved in the following activities: spam, erotic content, sex, illegal sale of medicine, online gambling, hate, using and/or offering illegal software/media, hacking, cracking, pyramid schemes, cults, cons, or other illegal activities as defined by the European law.
  2. When criminal activity is noticed, we will notify the authorities.
  3. You, as a Client, are responsible for the content of your guestbook (and other dynamic content generated by your account, such as the scroller or the thank-you e-mail).

Article 4 – Damage

  1. LabZ.nl VOF is NOT responsible for any damage caused by the use/misuse of the Product. The same goes for the following subjects: financial, materialistic, physical, mental, moralistic or in any other form.

Article 5 – The right LabZ.nl VOF has to act/modify

  1. LabZ.nl VOF at all times remains the right to:
    • Close guestbooks/accounts which are in violation with this Agreement.
    • Close, move, shorten guestbooks/accounts which use too much bandwidth/storage space.
    • Close, modify and/or shorten guestbooks/accounts when a moderator of LabZ.nl VOF thinks this is (for any reason) necessary; and
    • Change the possibilities/functionality of the service/Products at any time without notification.

Article 6 – Personal information

  1. Although we do everything we can to protect the personal information (such as your e-mail address), we are NOT responsible for damage/problems caused by 3rd party hackers/crackers obtaining your information by hacking into our system. However we will NEVER sell or give away your personal information to 3rd parties. In other words: you don\'t have to be afraid of receiving spam when supplying your e-mail address to us. You will only receive e-mail from us with important information regarding your account or for instance when you set the option to receive mail when a new message has been posted on your guestbook or when you want to reset your e-mail.

Article 7 – Changes to the Agreement

  1. LabZ.nl VOF keeps the right to make changes to this Agreement without notification. The changes will however be published on the website as described on top of this document.