FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select a different guestbook theme / template for my guestbook?

With our guestbooks, you can select out of 5 different guestbook templates / guestbook themes. Each theme has its own structure and appearance. After selecting the template, you can change the layout completely by changing colours, fonts, etc. You can find some theme examples on our demo page. To select a theme, go to the control panel of your guestbook and log in using the username and password of your guestbook. After loggin in, click on change theme in the left menu. On the next page you will find an overview of all the themes we have to offer. Click on example to view a bigger example of the theme. After selecting the theme you would like to use for your guestbook, click on Save changes. You will then be forwarded to the change layout page where you can further modify the layout of your guestbook.