(Dave Fox - 10 months ago)Really applaud what you're doing to keep memories of Ollie alive, and to bring him to the attention of the latest generation of players/music lovers. I think it's doing Ollie a great disservice to call him 'forgotten' in any sense, as some of the linked articles do ('forgotten guitar hero' and so on). No one who heard Ollie - especially live - could ever forget the experience. No, for whatever reason, he simply didn't come to the attention of enough people during his career. Patto always seemed on the brink of 'making it', but didn't quite - probably due to the BBC ban. I saw Patto several times during the early 70s, including one appearance as a support act at the Sheffield City Hall (then the biggest venue in Sheffield). They were so good that about 20 minutes into the main act's set the audience were chanting for them to come back on. I seem to remember Mike Patto having to come out and say 'come on folks, give these guys a chance' or something similar, before the 'stars' could finish their set. Even after all this time, hearing Ollie's solos still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - surely the acid test that divides guitarist who are great from those who are merely very good.