(Brooke - 3 years and 1 month ago)Hi Catriona...i have just read your story and i feel like i was reading my own story regarding our daughter Zoe. She was born in 2008 with undiagnosed CDH of the left hip. She had the turned in foot but was given the all clear with her hips. She had an open reduction in November 2009 which seemed to go well and was getting regular check ups and the surgeon was quite happy with the progress. Fast forward to March last year (almost 6 years of age) and things have really deteriorated. She has avascular necrosis now and has very limited mobility and flexibilty in her left hip. We have major issues with her being unable to sit properly which really affects her ability to go to the toilet easily amongst other things. The Ortho surgeon we see in Brisbane has pretty much said we have to "manage" her deteriorating condition as best we can as there isn't much that can be done until she is at a stage where she has stopped growing and can have the hip replaced. She is about to turn 7 so for her that is such a long way away. I feel helpless at the moment and feel like there is more i/we could be doing to help Zoe. The RCH in Melbourne sounded fantastic. Did you have dealings with any particular Ortho surgeons that you would recommend? I suppose i am trying to figure out if we should consider looking at another opinion but i just don't know who or where.