(Randall Scott - 9 days ago)Here's a snippet from Jed McKenna Before you read, stop and think of your experience as the world, rather than the material world. Do not skim these words. Re-read them if you must, slowly. Awareness is truth and appearance is belief. Instead of awareness and appearance, we can say dreamer and dream, beholder and beheld, or yin and yang. There's plenty to be said about appearance, but the only thing you can say with certainty is that it's not true, just as you can say with certainty that untruth does not exist. Consciousness is true and truth exists. The content of consciousness is not true and untruth does not exist. Although it's not true and doesn't exist, appearance is absolutely necessary. Without appearance, there can be no awareness, but there is awareness so there must be appearance. Without anything to be aware of, awareness is not aware. Without anything to be aware of it, appearance does not appear. Yin and yang. This begs a lot of which-came-first type questions, all of which are nullified by the fact that consciousness does not exist within time. There is no causality, no this-then-that, there is only Is. It's not very satisfying, but it's undeniable. We are the dreamer and what we call reality is the dream. That's as far as you get when you start digging because no matter where you dig in a dream, you just keep digging forever. I don't understand the dreamstate, but I do understand that it can't be understood. You can wake up in the dreamstate and you can wake up from the dreamstate, but you can't wake up to the dreamstate. There's nothing there to wake up to. In order to explain the nature of reality, you would first have to determine that reality actually exists, which, actually, you can't. Yes, reality is obviously real, but the fact is that no one has ever proven that reality exists and no one ever will because no one can prove anything. There is no such thing as objective knowledge and the only subjective knowledge is I-Am/Consciousness. All supposed knowledge is really belief masquerading as knowledge, and the word for belief masquerading as knowledge is delusion. If everything you think you know is really just belief, and if belief itself is knowably false, then your entire reality can in no way be distinguished from a dream. There is no truth in the dreamstate because, in truth, there is no dreamstate.