FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scroller and how can I use it?

The scroller gives a short impression of what to find on your guestbook, by showing the latest message. It can be used to lure your visitors to your guestbook, by adding it on one of the page of your website. It is not possible to add a message to the scroller itself, it only shows messages of your guestbook. To add the scroller to your website, you need to have some HTML-knowledge. If you do not have this, or are not sure how to add it, please ask someone you know with more knowledge of this subject. To request the HTML-code of the scroller, go to the control panel of your guestbook and log in using the username and password of your guestbook. After loggin in, click on Scroller in the left menu. Go through the steps. At the last step you will find the HTML-code, which you need to add in the source-code of your website. Please note: It is not possible to add the scroller to your guestbook itself. It is only meant for adding to your own website.