FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a few unwanted (spam) messages. What can I do about it?

We are using different methods to fight off all the spam that goes around on the internet. This includes a pre- and post spamfilter system and a CAPTCHA system which makes sure that messages are only added by real people and not automated machines. This way we make sure that 99% of all the spam we receive is blocked before it even reaches your guestbook. The best method to make sure you do not receive any more spam is to turn on the security code (CAPTCHA). Go to the control panel of your guestbook and log in using the username and password of your guestbook. After logging in, click on Guestbook options. On the next page go to Show security image and click on Yes,.... Afterwards click on Save changes If this won't help, you can also go to Message control in the control panel and click on the block link of the message you wish to block. This way, you can block the IP-address of the user who adds those unwanted messages.