FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add the guestbook to my MSN Spaces page?

For adding your guestbook to your MSN Spaces, you can create a link. Go to your msn spaces site and make sure you are logged in and able to edit your site. Click on the menu-item Lists on top of the page. Click on the link Create a list which will open a popup. Fill in My guestbook in the textfield underneath List name and keep the option at Custom list. Press Ok to save your newly created list. After your list is saved, click on the link Add item. Fill in guestbook in the first textfield, and the url to your guestbook (e.g. http://example.123guestbook.com/) in the second textfield. For the description you can fill in something like go to my guestbook and leave a message. To save the link to your guestbook, click on Add.